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Orientation And Pedagogy

T he study of fact, theory and concept is not sufficient to educate a culinary and hospitality professional. The individual must have the opportunity to see the skills, processes and ingredients in action, and to practice them. Culinary and Hospitality involves high level of motor and interpersonal skills learning. The profession requires a great combination of the art and science and these skills can only be learned in practice.

Pedagogy at SSCA, Pune is largely based on this principle and is a mix of many learning methodologies. Apart from the usual chalk-n-talk, there is a conscious effort to make the sessions interactive by using case studies and references of latest developments in the culinary and hospitality field. The pedagogy at SSCA is designed to incorporate the appropriate practical components to have a thorough grounding in the art and science of practical learning.

In addition, students are encouraged to undertake multiple hands-on projects to hone their research and analytical skills. Latest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques are used wherever possible. Ample guest lectures are organized by inviting Industry leaders, managers, specialists Chefs and Leading Celebrity Chefs for classroom inputs and demonstrations. Field visits to relevant areas of culinary and hospitality skills are also a regular feature. SSCA also offers an opportunity to the students to get a first-hand feel in managing food events, outlets and pastry shop.


The Institute strongly believes in interactive learning through lectures, practicals, workshops, industrial visits, case studies, project work and field trips, research projects, internships and simulations.


An important principle at Symbiosis is commitment to diversity. Students joining our programmes come from all over India. Being a highly skilled niche programme, students who are passionate and keen to make career in culinary filed join this course. The pedagogy has been designed to ensure holistic learning. The differences in opinions, convictions, economic background, gender, colour and nationality brings life to our campus community and fosters tolerance. The professional environment causes intellectual churning and therefore brings out the best in our students.


SSCA degree program is the path to an exciting career in the amazing world of food and hospitality. We offer a Bachelor’s degree in culinary arts and hospitality Management (B.Sc. – Culinary Arts) and (B.Sc. – Hospitality Management) respectively. Upon successful completion of undergraduate studies, students will aspire for different management positions within a wide range of organizations – from more traditional management positions – initially departmental management roles such as

  • Restaurant Manager
  • Events Coordinator
  • Banqueting Manager
  • Front Office Manager
  • Head Housekeeper

to specialist positions such as

  • HR Manager
  • Sales
  • Marketing Manager
  • Food & Beverage Controller
  • Purchasing Manager.

Some will aspire to senior management positions, Hotel General Manager or Regional Manager of a restaurant group but those with a strong element of entrepreneurship will be looking to start up their own enterprise, be it a restaurant, lodging facility, catering company, training provider or event Management Company.

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