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Advance Diploma in Global and Contemporary Cuisine (ADGCC)

T he Advance Diploma in Global and Contemporary Cuisine (ADGCC) is post graduate course for hotel management and culinary arts graduates who aim to learn the advanced techniques in Global and Modern Cuisine.

This course is for culinary professionals to further their careers at global level with skills and knowledge of latest and international cuisines. This intensive hands-on practical course will be delivered under the guidance of renowned Chef faculty members specialising in international cuisine and modern culinary trends.

The students will be trained to upgrade culinary skills and secure higher level jobs in global hotel chains, specialty and Michelin starred restaurants, catering organizations, flight kitchens, catering companies, industrial canteens, institutes and specialized catering outlets.

This course will also serve the needs of hobby chefs who wish to learn and look for programmes to get specialisation in the advanced art and craft of global and contemporary (modern) cuisine.

The course will be offered in modular way with intense monthly full-time modules at our state-of-the-art SSCA campus.

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