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Memoir of our life at SSCA….

From the passing out students’ point of view

Symbiosis School of Culinary Arts is one of a kind institution where students, from different parts of India and abroad, can transfigure their dreams into reality. After spending 3 years, we can say that this college has not only given us abundance of theoretical and practical knowledge, but also everlasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.

This journey started with our Induction Week on Monday, July 3, 2017. The first time we met each other to commence a beautiful journey together. Each one of us had different aspirations, viewpoints, goals and dreams. But the love for food and the willpower to work wonders was common. The initial phase was an ice-breaking session for all of us. Our seniors also shared their insights during the course of their years. We had a tour around this beautiful campus where the sight of such professional kitchens and bakery labs overwhelmed us. Each kitchen served a different purpose of learning, like the Foundation Kitchen for basic cooking and French culinary skills or Bulk Kitchen for bulk cooking. We were also blessed to have Training Restaurant to learn the art of fine service and culinary practices.

Once the practical and theory classes began, we realized this definitely isn’t going to be easy as it seemed to be. The industry demanded strong professionals- physically, mentally and emotionally.

The first year was dedicated to just learning the basics of French and Indian cooking along with Bakery skills. The second and third year was more advanced where we got to learn cuisines from around the world. Applying our tactful and creative ways to save a dish from failing to coming up with our own innovative ideas by using the knowledge we acquired, we surely have come a long way. We were privileged to have special demo and interactive sessions from world-renowned chefs like Chef Sanjeev Kapoor (Chair Professor), Chef Kali Davidson, Chef James Pulham and many more.

Another quality of this college was that they never compromised with anything. Be it knowledge or ingredients as we were provided with the best possible ingredients. Internships and Dissertation made us finalize our areas of interest and the chefs helped us to develop those skills. Team Eden and Team Bake-a-Diem had become one huge family.

At all stages, the chefs took efforts to make each one of us understand the correct techniques and never gave up on us. Their motivation helped us try harder and be stronger. The immense amount of learning and fun we had during our practical was the same in theory classes. It could not be the same without endless jokes and banter we had within ourselves and the faculty. Initially, our classes used to begin with grooming check but as months passed by, we made it a point to be groomed to the best of our capabilities. Kitchen etiquettes were drilled in our minds that we didn’t even dare to lean against the work stations. The chefs had the perfect timing of catching some of us do mistakes. There were very few days we were gloomy for any class. The chefs made every single class interesting by sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. And their sense of humor is something that is worth experiencing.

Amidst all this fun and zealous college life, we only regret the fact that we could not bid adieu to the wonderful place that taught and nurtured us. April 3, 2020, the day we were supposed to formally end our journey with this institute could not take place due to the pandemic situation. But we all believe that everything happens for a special reason.

Lastly, we would like to thank Chef Atul Gokhale, Chef Manoj Patkar, Chef Hemant Gokhale, Chef Karan Umrani, Chef Bhushan Ingle, Chef Pankaj Deshpande, Chef Shamal More, Chef Rizwan Yargatti and Hitesh Sir for their immense amount of support and patience towards us. We will forever be grateful and you all are the best! We really hope to see you all soon!

Ankita Darvatkar,
Devyani Bogam,
Reshmi Nair and
Ruta Moghe

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